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Fear of falling sick cancels out being fully alive

Der ehemalige australische Premier verurteilt die Corona-Politik seines Landes.

Former Australian PM has condemned the demise of personal freedom embraced amid the Covid-19 pandemic: a world of lockdowns, unsustainable government benefits, and “health dictatorships” trying to conquer death.

The ex-leader urged politicians to stop thinking like “trauma doctors” willing to pour unlimited resources into preserving every life and start thinking like “health economists” in a speech to the UK think tank Policy Exchange on Tuesday. The levels of spending required to sustain a country’s economy during a prolonged shutdown aren’t sustainable, he argued, pointing out that the devastating financial consequences mean even decisions made in good faith to protect society’s most vulnerable will ultimately backfire.

“From a health perspective, this pandemic has been serious. From an economic perspective, it’s been disastrous,” he said. “But I suspect that it’s from an overall wellbeing perspective that it will turn out worst of all.”

Because this is what happens when for much more than a mere moment, we let fear of falling sick stop us from being fully alive.

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Updated: 4. September 2020 — 8:39

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