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Kevin James: OUT OF TOUCH

The King of Queens star Kevin James is no fan of social distancing restrictions. In Out of Touch, a new short film posted to his YouTube channel, James openly mocks social distancing guidelines that have been put in place due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. In just five days, the Kevin James Out of Touch video has already been viewed more than 1.5 million times onYouTube, indicating that Kevin James’ Covid video is — quite literally — a viral hit.

Kevin James’ Out of Touch YouTube video follows the actor and a friend as they run through the forest to evade capture. Rapid cuts reveal that the duo is being pursued by police dogs and sirens, but at first, it’s unclearly how exactly they’ve broken the law. “I’m gonna die. I’m too young to die,” says James’ friend. “This is our life now, okay?” replies James, attempting to calm him down.

A minute into the Out of Touch video, James finally reveals what has caused this massive police hunt. Six hours earlier, James and his friend ran into each other in a park, and they shake hands as they promise to make dinner plans. As they shake, a mask-wearing citizen catches them and calls the police to report their violation of social distancing guidelines. Two other parkgoers capture the handshake on camera, leaving James and his friend no choice but to flee. “Run,” says James, as the social distancing video cuts to black.

Updated: 19. September 2020 — 11:15

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