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Britain’s lockdown consigned thousands to an early grave

The hidden tragedy of Covid-19

RT has spoken to two families whose loved ones have suffered after treatment for an existing condition was stopped when Britain went into lockdown in March, providing a snapshot of the heartache and pain felt all over the UK.

Britain is in turmoil over Boris Johnson’s controversial lockdown rules and regulations. There’s been a huge cost to the economy. Unemployment figures have soared, and many businesses have gone to the wall. Families are struggling to buy food, and for thousands the future looks bleak.

But those are the lucky ones. 

Research shows that lockdown measures driven by the pandemic could mean up to 75,000 will diefrom non-Covid causes. The death toll first began to rise when people took the ‘Stay at Home’ message literally earlier this year and avoided going to hospitals even if they required attention. Operations were then cancelled due to worries about the spread of Covid, routine screening appointments were scrapped, and academics predict the recession will also have a significant impact on the nation’s health.

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Updated: 13. Oktober 2020 — 20:52

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