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Lockdowns, masks & vaccines

Welcome to the only agenda-immune Covid conversation in town – solid evidence, and honest choices, instead of emotive arguments about dying relatives. Pharma giants taunt each other with vaccine effectiveness percentages. But New York has closed its schools & London remains in lockdown. And a just-published Danish study has got everyone arguing about masks again. Join investigative journalist Ben Swann for RT’s No Bulls**t Coronavirus Podcast at 1200 EST. He is joined by top public economist David Blanchflower, the Bruce V Rauner Professor of Economics at Dartmouth College, Paul Hunter, professor at the Norwich School of Medicine, leading libertarian Jeffrey Tucker, the Editorial Director of AIER (yes, the publisher of THAT declaration) Prof. Dmitry Kulish of SKoltech, environmentalist, writer and philanthropist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Republican Minnesota State Senator and lockdown opponent Dr. Scott Jensen, MD.

Updated: 23. November 2020 — 19:36

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